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January (God that Remembers)


·         New Year Prayer Week 1st – 7th

·         Prophetic Weekend 11-13th

·         Parochial Committee 13th

·         Monthly Vigil 18th

·         Health Awareness Seminar 27th

February (God that Loves)

·         Prophetic Ministry Vigil 7th

·         Elders in Council 17th

·         Sunday School Forum 24th

·         Monthly Vigil 15th

March (God that Never Forsakes)

·         37th Anniversary
Thanksgiving 3rd

·         Mother’s Day 10th

·         Monthly Vigil 15th

·         Open Forum 17th

·         Psalm/Passion Sunday 24th

·         Easter Sunday 31st

April (God of Praise)


·         General Isona 7th

·         Parochial Committee 14th

·         Monthly Vigil 19th

·         Women’s Ministry Presentation 21st

May (God that Judges)


·         Ascension Day 9th

·         Women’s Day Conference 11th

·         Pentecost Revival Weekend 17th–19th


June (God that Prevails)

·         Big Lunch Community Event

·         Juvenile Harvest 1st Thanksgiving 2nd

·         Father’s Day 16th

·         Monthly Vigil 21st

·         Parish Open Forum 23rd

July (God, a Man of War)


·         Women’s Ministry Presentation 7th

·         Interdenominational Crusade 12th

·         Youth Weekend With Christ 12th–14th

·         Parochial Committee 21st

·         Annual General Meeting 28th

August (God that Blesses)


·         Youth Impact Festival 2nd – 4th

·         Monthly Vigil 16th

·         Sunday School Forum 18th


September (God that Rewards)

·         37th Harvest Thanksgiving 8th

·         Monthly Vigil 20th

·         Parish Open Forum 22nd

·         66th Anniversary of CCC 29th

October (God that Endows)


·         Prophetic Weekend 4th–6th

·         Elders in Council 13th

·         Monthly Vigil 18th

·         Parochial Committee 20th

·         Women’s Ministry Presentation 27th

November (God that Removes Shame)


·         Intimacy With Christ Weekend 7th – 10th

·         Monthly Vigil 15th

·         Fountain Nursery AGM/Open Day 23rd



December (God that Comforts)

·         Prophetic Weekend 6th–8th

·         Monthly Vigil 20th

·         Christmas Carol Programme 22nd