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The Evangelism ministry ensures that evangelism is given its rightful place as the focal point of the Church (Matt 28:19). Also this ministry is responsible for promoting and articulating programmes to ensure that prospective new members are assimilated and directed towards establishing a personal relationship with Christ. We are also interested in motivating and influencing all members of the Church to become involved in evangelism and to serve as a model to impact our surrounding community for Christ. This ministry leads our growth strategies, through Gospel Outreach and witnessing.

Contact: Sup. Evangelist Shebioba 0207 7323525


To promote the application of God's word as the standard applied within the Church. This will be achieved through the administration and coordination of programs and courses to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ likeness. All members of the Church are expected to participate in Bible Class and other Christian education activities, however the number of teachers shall be restricted to not more than 10 to ensure effective management and coordination of our operation.

The ministry's work will be evident in Church members through biblically based prayers, using and referring to Christian characters as role models in life situations. Over time, members will be confident enough to witness to people they come into contact with; friends, family or even strangers.

Contact: Sup. Evangelist Shebioba 0207 7323525


Responsible for ensuring that the social and emotional needs of existing and new members are met. Proverbs 11:14 "… where no counsel is the people fall, but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety…" Where necessary members of this ministry will be trained in counselling and support skills so that members will be able to carry out their duties effectively. Members of this ministry must be able to operate without fear or favour and deal with all members of the Church irrespective of their age, gender, background, etc. They will cater for the common emotional and material needs of members in addition to meeting their spiritual needs.

Contact: Sup. Evangelist Shebioba 0207 7323525



Our mission as prophetic people is to put those around us, Christian or not, in touch with their destiny in God. This is obedient to scripture, brings us closer to God and makes our worship more dynamic, "He gave some... prophets... for the perfecting of the saints, unto the work of ministering, unto the building up of the body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:11,12). We feel that a prophetic message may be brought in many ways and though speaking is primary, the use of dreams, visions, and the word of wisdom and knowledge should not be underrated, as they can all be used to communicate God's message. Speaking prophets will operate mainly within the Church environment during devotional services, and particularly when:

  • Naming a newborn child according to divine revelation;
  • Spiritually inspired to reveal God's plan for individuals, families, groups or the congregation;

This ministry's work shall be evident through education of the Church about the proper place and use of prophecy as explained in the Bible, greater numbers of speaking prophets and increased use of testimonies arising from prophecies.

Contact: Senior Evangelist Nejo 07718752975



The Prayer ministry is responsible for managing and arranging intercessory and corporate prayers on behalf of the Church and individual members. Through a small group of dedicated prayer warriors, prayer chains and other word-based prayer activities, this ministry shall encourage a stronger prayer-life within the Church. Every member of the Church shall be encouraged to pay more attention to the part prayer plays in their relationship with God, and its importance as an effective weapon in their arsenal.

The Prayer Warriors will agree and arrange a regular date, time and place to meet where they will direct their attention to the prayer requests raised through the Church and various ministries including the weekly Gospel hour radio programme. This ministry shall be evident by the prayers offered by members and the increase in testimony related to intercessory or corporate prayers offered.

Contact: Senior Evangelist Nejo 07718752975



The Multimedia ministry is divided into three divisions for efficient and proper organisation; Information Technology, Graphics and publications; and Audio-visual. The ministry provides training for anyone interested in becoming an effective member, so that all its members are skilled in the use and management of IT and audio-visual equipment. This ministry will be evident through active use of a range of multimedia resources to support worship, evangelism and the other Church ministries.

Contact: Sister Dupe Adegboyega - 07956702035, Brother Segun - 07946293559, Brother Bunmi - 07852364233


Our mission as ushers is to meet and welcome those attending our Church and make them feel comfortable as they develop a relationship with Christ. We want to interact with people on a personal basis when they arrive at Church. 1st Corinthians 14:40: "Let all things be done decently and in order." There shall be no more than ten ushers (operating as two teams of 5) working to an agreed rota. Each team shall consist of two men and three women to make sure that people are properly greeted and properly seated.

The ministry's work will be evident because there is a greater number of visitors returning to worship with us, and more visitors becoming full members of our Church. It will also be evident through positive feedback about the welcome (from all members, not just the Ushers) and the interest shown to visitors and new members.

Contact: Senior Evangelist Nejo 07718752975


The Music ministry is an integral part of the Church and the importance of effective praise and worship cannot e overstated. Through the appropriate use of music, dance and drama, this ministry lifts the spirits of worshippers and visitors so that they can open their minds and hearts to listen and respond to God's communication.

Talented individuals are required within this ministry, and musical skill and ability are essential for it to function effectively. Sufficient members to cover all services (weekday and Sunday) are required and the Choir must present themselves during every official event taking place within the Church.

Contact: Most Envangelist Seyi Shebioba - 07796312981


The aim of the Women's ministry is to build up a body of Christ where women mentor women on the word of God and how to live a life based on the word. Through regular meetings we intend to deal with issues affecting women whether they are single, married or widowed. As such we encourage all women in the Church to become members of this ministry. This ministry will be evident through our women developing an interest in prayer and reading the Bible. They will also become engaged in seminars, lectures and living by the word so that they will become effective at Christian mentoring (John 13:12-17) as servants, encouragers, teachers, counsellors, guides and roles models within our Church.

Contact: Sup. Evangelist Shebioba 0207 7323525


The aim of the Sides people ministry is to make sure that the Church is prepared for each devotional service, peace and order are maintained during services and the Church tidied up at the end of each service. They are responsible for making sure the appropriate Church materials (furniture, offering plates, etc) are available when needed for services. There shall be no more than ten ushers (five male and five female) and this group will see to it that the exterior of our building, grounds and parking areas will always present to our community an attractive, well groomed property that is a credit to the Lord's work, including the areas extending to the vicarage and mercy land (prayer sanctuary).

Contact: Sup. Evangelist Shebioba 0207 7323525


This ministry is the arm of the Church set up to mobilise and cater for the young people so that they will become effective ambassadors of Christ from a young age. This ministry is a great opportunity to encourage witnessing at school, college and university and to family and friends. This ministry is meant to cater for young people in the 16 to 26 years age range, and all members of the Church falling within this age bracket are expected to participate. Leadership will consist of a Leadership Team (Coordination), Inreach and Outreach leaders, limited to not more than seven members in total.

The ministry's work will be evident as the youths become an integral part of, and actively involved in, all the Churches spiritual and administrative activities. The youths will have an effective means of interacting within the Church and confidence and pride in the personal relationship they have developed with Christ as members of the Church. There must be a seamless relationship with the Junior ministry, who supply the 'raw recruits' for the Youth ministry.

Contact: Senior Evangelist Nejo 07718752975



Responsible for ensuring children know and understand the word of God and recognise that the love of God is for everyone so that they begin to build a lifetime relationship with him. Teaching children to express Christian principles in their communities as well as the Church, we shall focus on developing their prayer, praise and worship skills and extend the use of art, drama and music skills in expressing their understanding of the Bible.

The ministry is managed by a number of called, anointed and committed (male and female) members and operates mainly on Sundays at the same time as the Sunday Service. New children are admitted in July and in January, and start from the age of four, remaining until the age of 15, after which they are expected to join the Youth ministry. Their curriculum includes bible-based lessons, prayers and group activities (e.g. drama, arts, music and sport). Outside the Church we encourage children to participate fully in alms giving and support them in building links with other Churches, denominations and the local community.

The ministry's work will be evident because our children will possess and demonstrate self-confidence in their Christian living, supported by an appropriate level of biblical understanding. There must be a seamless relationship with the Youth ministry, who receive those that 'graduate' from the Junior ministry.

Contact: Senior Evangelist Nejo 07718752975