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About Us

We are so glad you came to this area of the site. It is a sign that you are seeking for answers and the Bible promise that if you seek, you WILL find. If you are searching for answers to spiritual questions, you have come to the right place.


Celestial Church of Christ (C.C.C.) is a Christian church that embraces all the qualities of the church of Christ like any other Christians denominations. The Church through the inspiration of God was descended through the pastor Founder Past Reverence S.B.J. Oshofa in Port Nova Benin Republic in West Africa in the year 1947.

Within a very short time the church moved from Port Nova to Lagos Nigeria, and the head quarter of the Church was later established at Makoko in Logos Nigeria. And from here the branches were established in all the town and cities of Nigeria and also throughout the whole world.

Elephant and Castle Parish in London was established in the year 1975. It is the second C.C.C. church to be established in UK and Ireland. The Shepherd in charge of the parish is Superior Evangelist J.O. Shebioba, while the Chairman of the parochial committee members of the parish is Ass. Sup. Gideon Arojo

Elephant and Castle parish may not be the headquarter of the C.C.C. overseas diocese headquarter, but it is the largest parish with a congregation of about 500 registered members. Our doors have been continuously open to the public and the members of the congregations since 1975. We are Christian believing Church and we make Jesus Christ the central of all our activities and we totally believe in Him as the only Son of God and our savior.